Seasonal Pumpkin Facials just in time for fall!

 Tis the season for Pumpkin spice everything!

It’s Autumn and that time of the year when Pumpkin is the most popular ranging from Pumpkin pie,  pumpkin spice drinks and all sorts of pumpkin spice food. Pumpkin not only taste great but also has many health benefits. Did you know that pumpkin is also great for your skin!? Swerve Salon & Spa offers Pumpkin chemical peels without the spice.

Pumpkin chemical peel is great on all skin types including acne prone skin because it also contains both Glycolic and Salicylic acids. This treatment penetrates deep into clogged pores to exfoliate dead surface skin cells, soften appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage, improves skin texture and help skin maintain hydration.

Packed with Vitamin C and A, Alpha Hydroxy (AHAs) and Zinc, Pumpkin is a great source for promoting healthy glowing skin.  

We all know Vitamin C is a natural skin brightener. But Vitamins C and A helps to protect the skin from sun damage which assists in preventing skin cancer, reduces wrinkles, and prevents signs of aging by boosting collagen cells.  Alpha hydroxy (AHAs) helps to increase cell turnover which improves smoothness and texture of skin. Zinc, which is a main ingredient in most sunscreens because it is great for sun protection also helps control oil production in skin.

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Can I Go Red?


Do you have warm or neutral skin tones? It’s time to consider going red! Red is a high impact haircolor that instantly grabs attention. This wild cherry haircolor goes great on anyone with warm or neutral skin tones, especially those with blue, green, hazel or warm brown eyes.

Want to go red but have cool or darker skin? Select cooler red tones like a red velvet haircolor. If you are fair or have a warm skin tone, you will want to select a warm red color like ginger, auburn or copper.

Haircare Tip: When going red, don’t forget that red haircolor is the fastest to fade. You’ll want to avoid over shampooing, and protect your color with sulfate free shampoo when it is wash day. Plus, be sure to see your stylist regularly for a refresh to keep your hair its best red.


Does technique matter when choosing my haircolor?


The best approach to achieving haircolor that looks best is to be aware of the technique that will lead to a natural looking result.

Your stylist should work to highlight your facial features, natural hair fall and eye color when it comes to deciding what technique to use and where to lighten hair.

People of all skin tones benefit from the natural tones achieved through Balayage; the placement is key to enhancing natural beauty! Balayage is a natural “swept on” form of hair painting that enhances features by using open air processing, allowing for several levels of lift.


Which Blonde Do I Choose?

Cool blonde shades are great on porcelain-skinned gals with reddish undertones, since those icy hues tend to neutralize redness. If you have blue or gray eyes: cool, ashy blonde works perfectly! Suggested blonde tones include: Platinum ice, silver, ash, sand, beige or champagne.

Pro Tip:
 To achieve this guest’s glam summer look, double process hair at the roots then use the Balayage technique to brighten and blend mid lengths and ends. Glaze her after shampooing using 09P, 09T to cool and even out tones!


Beach-Approved Balayage

For those who spend their days in the sun and tan easily, this look is perfection!

To achieve this look, Balayage was essential! Why? Because it simulates the “sun-kissed” look. Balayage is all about creating a highlight that looks seamlessly natural!

Perfect for lovers of summers at the beach and a low maintenance, natural look! As her skin tone darkens with a tan, this cool natural look will continue to complement her, even when the sun brightens it up!

Pro Tip: Shades EQ and Blonde Icing were essential in achieving this look!

How to Emerge Fresh From the Plane: 7 Practical Tips From Expert Travelers

Traveling abroad has its pros and cons. On the plus side, it lets you explore new cultures firsthand while racking up frequent-flyer miles. The downside? The toll recycled plane air takes on your skin (not to mention, jet lag). “Traveling through time zones disturbs our body’s natural circadian rhythms, which not only disrupts the body, but also the skin,” explains Geraldine Schefermann, international training manager for professional skin care brand Dermalogica.

So, you ask, what exactly does air travel do to our skin? In general, any environment with less than 60 percent humidity increases transepidermal water loss, or the rate at which our bodies lose water. And since the average plane has just about 10 to 20 percent humidity (40 to 50 percent is ideal), it’s no wonder our skin looks dull and depleted by the time we get to our destination.

To find out how skin experts deal with the harmful effects of long-haul flights and overcome jet lag, we interviewed some of Dermalogica’s frequent travelers. Below are their top recommendations.

Travel Skin Care Tips - DermStore


1. Avoid makeup.

“Makeup can contribute to dehydration and irritation in the skin. But if you cannot go without, then take a gentle cleanser with you, preferably something that you can easily use without water. Then layer products, such as hydrating boosters or calming serums, onto the skin to protect against moisture loss.”

—Geraldine Schefermann, International Training Manager

 2. Consider aromatherapy.

“I use aromatherapy throughout the trip to try to sleep. I blend lavender and chamomile (lavender essential oil has been shown to calm and help people have a deeper, more restful sleep) and rub the mix onto my scalp, lower back and shoulders. I also try to book a foot reflexology or massage immediately after the flight.”

—Annet King, Director of Global Education

3. Choose water over wine.

“As soon as I get on the plane I set my watch to the time at my destination. I make sure I look at my watch every few hours and think about what time it is at my destination and what I would be doing if I were there. I also avoid alcohol on the flight and drink plenty of water. I keep my skin hydrated by spritzing it with Dermalogica Multi-Active Tonerevery hour and apply Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Repair and Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balancethroughout the flight.”

—Dr. Diana Howard, Vice President of Research and Development

  4. If possible, take a red-eye flight.

“If the flights to my final destination are longer than 12 hours, I usually choose a red-eye flight so I can fall asleep easier on the plane. If I can’t take a red-eye flight, the first thing I do upon arrival is to take a warm shower, wash my hair, order some sort of soup (usually chicken soup) to my room and then take a nap. I close all the shades and request a wakeup call.”

—Sheyla Sevilla, Regional Sales Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean

 5. Walk in the daylight.

“When I arrive at my destination I take a quick shower and head outside for a long walk. Being in daylight helps reprogram your brain’s neurochemicals. Several hours in daylight also forces me to stay awake until it’s time to sleep. Just don’t forget the SPF—I only use Dermalogica UltraCalming Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30—as your skin tends to get sensitive due to the dry airplane environment.”

—Dr. Diana Howard

 6. Lie down to literally “ground” yourself.

“To get your body aligned magnetically to your new destination, lie on the ground to literally ‘ground’ yourself. Find a park or a beach and just stretch out on your back on the ground and practice abdominal breathing. To help feel less tired, jump in the pool. Swimming under water revives the sinuses by blowing water out of your nose. It’s also a great way to clear your head!”

—Annet King

 7. Allow enough time for jet lag.

“I have come to accept the reality that jet lag is a simple byproduct of long-distance travel that affects everyone. So I try not worry and get worked up about it. Instead, I give myself one to two days to adjust to local time.”

Ivor Gordon, Vice President of International Sales 


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Getting healthy looking hair is a priority for me. Especially with our wedding coming up, I am trying to take care in the products I use on my hair, how often I use heat tools, and avoid any drastic hair changes.

I’ve mentioned this before, but a few years ago I put my hair through the ringer. I damaged to the point of nearly no return. I had gone to the salon to get a few highlights and ended up walking out with platinum blonde, broken, and gummy hair. My scalp was burned and painful from the bleach, I had to get approx. 3 inches cut off my hair, and every time I washed my hair I noticed large clumps would break off. It was devastating, but it made me realize a few things:

  • Go to a hair dresser you trust
  • Don’t ever drastically change your hair colour
  • Invest in products that are truly GOOD for your hair
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For the last few weeks, I’ve been using IGK Hair Care. I was sent three of their products to try out, which include their Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil, Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, and Beach Club texture spray. These products are all vegan, cruelty-free, color-safe/UV-protectant, and free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and petroleum. For me, that is all really important and makes me really excited about this brand and their products.

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To use the Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil all you need to do is take a small amount and work it through wet / damp hair. Since it’s a cleansing oil, it replaces the typical two-step washing process as it’s both your “shampoo” and conditioner. To ensure it really cleans your hair, you need to really massage it into your scalp and hair.

Once it’s rinsed out you’re left with really soft and nourished hair. I personally love cleansing oils, and am happy to eliminate shampoos from my hair care routine. But, if you’re someone who has really oily hair, you may find this doesn’t clean your hair to the degree you’d like.  I would say this is perfect for those of you who are like me and struggle with damaged or dry looking hair. I found it made my hair feel really soft and healthy. Also, the smell of this cleansing oil is so lovely!


Once you’ve washed your hair, it’s time to apply the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel. You want to take a small amount and work it through clean damp hair.

This gel surprised me. It’s much thicker than other leave-in treatments I’ve used. I had thought it would be like other leave-in conditioners I had used and instantly provide softer silkier hair, but I actually didn’t find this. While it did make my hair dry smoother and less frizzy than other leave-ins, it didn’t make it less tangled or softer feeling.

I did like this product, ( I loved the smell of it mostly) but I wouldn’t say it conditions your hair. Instead, I think it smooths your hair and eliminates frizz.


I am all about beachy waves and care-free hair. In fact, 99% of the time I don’t style my hair. I just braid it and let it be, so I have beachy-waves naturally. The one issue I find is that my hair can get very frizzy, so products that encourage a beachy but smooth and hold my hair in place are ones I tend to like. I have found that many “texture” sprays can leave my hair feeling oily, sticky, and heavy, but this spray is extremely light, and doesn’t make my hair look or feel heavy at all. Instead my hair feels very smooth, soft, and holds that beachy texture I love so much. I don’t know if this product would necessarily “create” a beachy look if you have stick straight hair or very curly hair, but I would say it smooths and helps your hair from getting frizzy.

Style in a snap!


Style In a Snap! – How to, step 1 cleanse and prime hair


After cleansing and priming hair with Colour Fanatic, apply a small amount of Pure Volume Style + Care Infusion to damp hair and diffuse-dry to bring out waves.

Style In a Snap!– How to, step 2 section and pull back hair


Take a section of hair at your forehead and pull back to the crown of your head. Use your fingers (not a comb) so it looks more casual.

Style In a Snap!– How to, step 3 secure with bobby pins


Push the section slightly forward to bump it up, then secure with two bobby pins. Criss-cross the bobby pins into an ‘X’ shape so they stay secure.

Style In a Snap!– How to, step 4 finish and spray end look


Mist on Strengthening Control Hairspray to keep any stray hairs in place.


Stylist Tip: If you have short or tough-to-manage bangs, blow-dry them in the direction you want them to lay before you start styling.



There’s been a ton of buzz lately around the word sulfate-free when it comes to choosing the best shampoo for your hair type. Whether you’ve been browsing the shampoo aisle at your favorite store or eyeing products at the salon, seeing the words “sulfate-free” everywhere can feel overwhelming. No worries, we’re here to demystify the sulfate ingredient trend. The truth is going sulfate-free can be a game-changer for your hair care routine, especially if you have color-treated hair since sulfates may damage hair color. Keep reading for our breakdown of everything you need to know about sulfate-free shampoo.


In a nutshell, sulfates (like sodium lauryl sulfates) are ingredients that are typically found in shampoo which help create a lather in your hair. On a deeper level, sulfates are surfactants which is a fancy term that means they attract dirt molecules and buildup. When water washes away these sulfates, it leaves hair feeling squeaky clean. Sounds great, right? The problem is that even though sulfates’ ability to attract dirt makes them ideal for cleansing, sometimes they can be too powerful and mess with your hair. That’s because as sulfates grab onto buildup in your hair, they also strip hair color and oils along with it.


Making the move toward sulfate-free shampoo may feel a little scary and alarming. You may notice that sulfate-free products don’t lather as much as your average sulfate-packed shampoo but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cleaning your hair. On the contrary, you can still score that clean feeling without hurting your hair in the process. It all comes down using alternative cleansers.

That’s where the Pureology sulfate-free shampoo formulas come in-to-play giving hair color protection. Instead of using harsh, cleansing foaming agents in our ingredient lineup, our shampoos feature fruit and vegetable based cleansers like coconut, corn and sugar. These ingredients make up our sulfate-free shampoos and create a lather without stripping hair of its oils or causing hair color fade.

Another benefit of our shampoos without sulfates is that they are also formulated without any additional sodium chloride. This is a type of salt that’s typically found in a number of hair products and if enough of it is used, it can dry out hair and lead to a loss in hair color vibrancy. The good news is Pureology doesn’t add any additional sodium chloride salt to its formulas, so you’re in the clear.


If you’ve been using sulfates in your hair care, there might be a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to make the switch to a sulfate-free shampoo. If you experience tightness in your scalp, feel hair looks dull or are finding your hair is dryer than usual, a sulfate-free formula can help move things in the right direction. Keep reading below to see which sulfate-free shampoo is best for your hair type.


Sulfate-free Hydrate Shampoo for Dry, Color-Treated Hair

If you have dry hair and re-establishing moisture that you lost to sulfates is a concern, Hydrate® Shampoo’s sulfate-free formula can help. It uses jojoba oil to breathe moisture back into dry hair. Plus, with a sulfate-free formula, this concentrated moisturizing shampoo gently cleanses your dry hair with a rich lather without stripping your hair color. You can rest assured that your hair will be deeply moisturized with touchable softness.


Sulfate-free, Volumizing Clean Volume Shampoo for Fine, Color-Treated Hair

Looking to lose sulfates and create lightweight volume at the same time? Our Clean Volume Shampoo’s sulfate-free formula is designed to provide light, airy fullness to fine, color-treated hair without weighing it down. The combination of aloe water and soy proteins cleanses from root-to-tip while creating the look and feel of airy volume without any product residue.


Clarifying, Sulfate-free Purify Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

For an even deeper clean, you can alternate with Purify Shampoo. The clarifying formula uses a blend of tea tree oil and witch hazel that gets rid of residue and buildup.

To get the best clean experience when working with sulfates, remember that less is more when it comes to shampoo. If you’re really looking to see a lather while you shampoo, add more water to your hair instead of more shampoo to help activate the formula. You can also shampoo your hair a second time if you’re trying to get rid of a lot of buildup.

Your hair might go through an adjustment period when you begin using a sulfate-free shampoo, but it’s normal and worth it. Once your hair gets used to a sulfate-free shampoo life, you won’t want to look back. After all, when it comes to sulfates, who needs them anyway?


Static Remedies for Winter

The dry winter air poses an array of beauty challenges in its own respect. Today, we are going to address another all-too-familiar winter hair symptom- static. The cut and dry cold will rob moisture from your hair and bring the cling of static, leaving you in a fighting frenzy to tame your hair constantly. Fortunately, there are some easy remedies that will set you up for success through the remainder of the winter seasons.

The Right Products

Fighting static starts at the basic application of what you put in your hair, and how often. Using moisturizing conditioners will help start you off on the right foot. Try to avoid shampooing every day, as it will dry out your hair, stripping the moisture and natural oil of your scalp from the hair cuticle. Additionally, when you shampoo, try to limit your use of a “volumizing” or clarifying shampoo, instead use a light moisture shampoo to help contrast the dry air. While static isn’t directly correlated with dry hair, you will definitely run into more static if your hair is dry than if it is moisture-filled.


If you know your hair is particularly prone to static and dry by nature (curlier hair styles usually fall into this category), using a hair serum or oil product can help prevent static, infuse your hair with moisture, and all without weighing down your style or making it greasy. There are a multiple options as far as product lines go, though most will tell you to apply the serum promptly after drying your hair with a towel. Take into account the density and texture of your hair, as too much product will not deliver the desired results and can cake your hair with unnecessary oils.

brush-1The Right Tools

Believe it or not, there is a secret in the tools you use that coincides with the amount of static cling you will fight. Here are a few of the tools you can look into switching out to help.

Comb Vs. Brush

Brushing your hair is the usual way to reduce tangles and soften your style. During the winter months though, you may want to ditch the brush frequency and switch to a wide-toothed comb. By creating less friction, you are less susceptible to that electric charge building up. Also, use a metal comb instead of plastic. Plastic creates more friction in the hair, where as the bristles maintain oils in your hair.

Bristle Brushes

Plastic brushes are popular, but they also are a catalyst for the static problem. Instead, look into a higher quality bristle brush that is made from boar bristles. These will last you longer, as well as keep the moisture locked in your hair, reducing susceptibility to static cling. You will also notice your hair has a healthier sheen when using these brushes.

At Swerve Salon & Spa, we use the products and tools to help you beat the static and maintain healthy moisture in your hair. Our stylists are experienced and educated to help create the style and color that is best for you. Call and make your appointment today and beat the dry air of winter!

Hair Colors For Fall

Fall is a time for warm colors and cozy clothes. And as the leaves begin to change color, it may be time to start thinking about changing your hair color too. Your platinum blonde hair may not be the perfect color choice as we move into the colder months.

If you are looking to change with the season, come to Swerve Salon & Spa. We can help you with all of your hair coloring needs, giving you the best look that works with the change of the season.

In case you are unsure of which colors work best for fall and winter, we will go over some of the best choices in this blog! Read on to learn more about the perfect hair colors for fall! Follow these tips to update your personal style or completely change your look.

The Darker The Better

Fall and winter are the perfect time to darken up your hair. Whether you want to add darker lowlights to your current color or completely swap out your old look for a new and bold style, the darker look is better for these cold months.

If you still want to stick with some blonde try the trend that was super popular and always a great look, the ombré style. Even just darkening your blonde hair to a golden blonde can add a touch of fall fashion to your style.

If your hair is naturally dark, but you generally add some highlight for additional style, consider getting caramel highlights. These will add a lightness to your hair but also keep it dark and beautiful for the fall.

Grow It Out

If your hair is blonde and you want to keep it that way then let it grow out and don’t worry so much about the roots. Dark roots are a great way to add a touch of darkened hair to your look and it is the perfect style for fall. While you may think it is not a good look, it is actually a style now. You can actually get your hair colored with your roots remaining dark, for an easy all over color that doesn’t require the annoying touchups.

Add Some Color

This is a great time to go bold with a unique and festive color. Color your hair a deep red, copper, auburn, or other fun fall colors. These colors are not as dramatic as the fantasy hair we saw this summer, but they are still fun and can completely change up your look.

Or, go against everything we just said and color your hair silver or white for the perfect winter queen look. This color may wash you out even more, but it could be fun and create a unique look that is completely you!

Fall and winter hair colors are generally darker and richer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock just about color you want, all you need is the confidence to do so!

Come into Swerve Salon & Spa and get your hair colored and ready for fall! This is the perfect time to change up your look, and we can help!