Color & Chemical Services

Your stylist will conduct a complimentary in-depth consultation to discuss skin tone, color changes and the most innovative techniques to bring out the subtle nuances in shade.  Our team is here to advise you on all aspects of hair care regardless of you’re looking for dramatic and bold versus classic and subtle. We use the highest quality color lines to ensure optimal results are achieve while maintaining healthy locks.

Single Process Color – starting at $67

Single Process/Partial Highlight – starting at $129

Partial Highlight – starting at $102

Full Highlight – starting at $126

Partial Balayage –  starting at $151

Full Balayage – starting at $176

Gloss – starting at $49

Men’s Blending Camo Color – starting at $39

Corrective Color – upon consultation

Base Erase – full starting at $45 / half starting at $30

High Gloss Treatment (with style or treatment) – $15

Redken Chemistry Treatments – starting at $22
• Extreme Shot Phase for distressed hair
• Color Extend Shot Phase for color-treated hair
• All Soft Shot Phase for dry-brittle hair
• Clear Moisture Shot Phase for normal-dry hair
• Real Control Shot Phase for dense-dry hair
• 3.5 pHix pHase for chemically distressed hair
• 5.5 pHix pHase for mechanically distressed hair
• Smooth Lock Shot Phase Provides smoothness and deep conditioning