Maintaining the tone and health of blonde hair requires the right combination of products. Whether you’re dealing with damage from bleach or trying to keep brassy hair at bay, blonde hair has very unique and specific needs. Redken has a specific regimen to help tone, nourish and brighten blonde hair. Read on to discover the … Read more


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Balayage ~ Rooted and dimensional colors will remain through 2021 ~ Swerve Salon

Rooted and dimensional colors will remain through 2021 for those who want to stretch out salon visits—or those who have to based on new social-distancing regulations, With salons having to remain at lower capacity for the time being, a purposefully rooted style will allow for a more graceful grow-out. “Have your colorist do a shadow … Read more

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Summer Dry Brittle Hair

It’s always super satisfying to run our fingers through soft hair, but because of factors like hair type (take coarse hair, for instance), hair damage, or environmental factors such as wind and cold weather, our strands sometimes aren’t as silky as we’d like them to be. If your hair is feeling dry and lifeless after … Read more

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How to manage hair breakage ~ Swerve Salon

Raise your hand if you’ve ever witnessed someone pulling their split ends apart or done it yourself. Now that everyone reading this has raised their hand, let’s clarify: Don’t do that! And stop someone else from doing it. Tell them, no, that is your hair telling you that it is, in fact, breaking. WHAT CAUSES HAIR … Read more

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