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Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning

Sunless Tanning is the healthy alternative to achieving the summertime glow all year round. We provide top of the line natural solutions that are customized to match a wide variety of unique undertones. Each of our tanning sessions start with a vitamin enriched moisturizing spray and ends with a dusting powder that eliminates stickiness. This allows guests to immediately dress and return to their daily activities.

This application requires an 8 hour waiting period to rinse.

1 Custom Spray Tan


3 Tans

$170 ($10 savings)

5 Tans

$280 ($20 savings)

10 Tans

$550 ($50 savings)

Preparation and After Care

24 Hours Prior To Session

We recommend exfoliating using a loofah or shower scrub. However, any oily scrubs should not be used 24-48 hours prior to your session. Shaving and waxing should also be done at least 24 hours in advance.

Day Of Session

For best sunless results, the skin should be clean and free of any barriers like moisturizers, sweat, perfume and makeup. Deodorant may be used sparingly. Wear loose fitting dark clothing and remove all jewelry.

After Care

Continue to wear dark loose clothing until your first shower and after you’ve washed the cosmetics bronzers off your skin. Avoid placing palms on your hands-on tan until after first shower. Long soaks in any body of water can prematurely fade your tan. Replace your soap or body wash with paraben free alternative such as Refresh Green Tea Body Wash.

Keep skin thoroughly moisturized after your first shower, and throughout the life of your tan. We recommend using a nourishing lotion such as Renew Green Tea Moisturizer to keep your sunless color looking fresh and vibrant.

Avoid any water related or sweat inducing activities such as working out, showering, swimming, saunas, massages, hair services and manicures/pedicures. Getting caught in the rain will cause streaking and undesirable results.

To maintain and enhance your results we have a selection of products to include Sunless Tan Extenders, Tanning Mists and Iridescent/Fire Shimmer Sticks that will extend the quality and life of your tan.