Level System

The primary goals of our Salon Level System within Swerve Salon is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for team members and to offer several options for our guests to meet their diverse needs when it comes to salon services. Guests may choose the stylist/level that compliments their requests from skill set to education, and budget.

Please browse our salon levels and request an appointment based on your personal expectations:

Associate Level

This is a recent graduate currently undergoing our 6- to 12- month Associate Training Program. During this period, they are assisting a Swerve Salon Educators to learn advanced skills, improve efficiency and learn our specific Swerve Salon procedures, while servicing their own guests (models) a few hours per week. They are concentrating on hair services to include cut and advance color as well as hair extensions. Anyone that is part of the Swerve Salon Team must undergo the same training process.

New Talent Level

A stylist who has completed their initial Swerve Salon Training under our Creative Director and Education Team. After completing our ‘Associate Training Program’, these stylists graduate to the salon floor and are developing and perfecting their skill set.

Prices for a New Talent services are less than any other level due to their short amount of time in the industry. A New Talent Stylist is NOT someone who is recently licensed cosmetologist, but rather someone who is new to our salon, offering beautiful and budget friendly services.

Designer Level

A stylist who is developing their artistry in all principle based design haircuts and color techniques, and who has completed at least one year at the New Talent Level.

Once our service providers build a steady clientele and achieve industry benchmarks, they are a promoted to Designer Level Stylists.

Advanced Level and up are the `Mentors’ for our associate team and will often enroll their help to enhance the client experience while educating our future talent. This is an essential part of our program and we find that our guests enjoy the interaction and process.

Advanced Level

A stylist who has developed their design and coloring skills, working to produce beautiful and artistic outcomes. These advanced stylists have gone through additional training and certifications in all the primary principals. These stylists are in the process of mastering all of Redken and Swerve Salon’s educational classes.

Senior Level

A stylist who has been certified in all of Swerve Salon’s Principle Based Training. These stylists have completed at least 250 hours of continuing education through in-salon training and attendance at approved continuing education classes.

Master Level

These are our advanced stylists and designers whom are certified as a specialist in all three principles: cut, color, and styling. They have worked closely with the Creative Director to move ahead with their career and are charged with mentoring and educating our New Talent stylists and assist with in-salon education.

Artistic Level

These stylists hold leadership positions within the salon and are advanced with techniques. They are specialists in all of Swerve Salon Principles, and are senior educators that develop and train new educators. This level is also responsible for certifying our specialists and organizing all continuing education and assisting with related duties.

Creative Director Level

This level is reserved for our most experienced and in high demand service providers in our salon. They are well-known for their work, have reached rigorous goals and met our education and skill requirements. These stylists artistically guide the entire team and take appointments by request only. These are the most sought-after hairstylists in the salon not only because of their very advanced education level but also because of their well-known reputation in the community.